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Une jolie critique

Notre album "Elle pédalait dans la choucroute", plus connu sous sa version suédoise "Monsieur Herberts bästa uppfinning", a reçu une très jolie critique dans un magazine pour libraires, BTJ-häftet.

Comme notre éditeur est sympa, il nous l'a traduit en anglais. Comme je suis sympa aussi, je vous la laisse en anglais, pour vous faire faire un peu d'exercice :

"This is a beautiful and interesting book that stands out from the crowd and depicting what it is to be alone and how life can be enriched if you meet someone you like.
The book's main character is a man with inventive ambitions. He invents a "bike-mixer" and goes out into the world, hoping to reconcile juice production with change in the life situation. He wants to meet someone that will make him less lonely and along the way, he meets a woman. They are beginning to inspire each other so that both developed and begin to live in full. One plus one equals much more than two! The emotions depicted are universal and the child reader can certainly identify with and draw parallels with alienation and friendship in their lives. The author is from France and illustrator from Hungary. This is their first book and it's written in French, but still not published in any country other than Sweden. The illustrations are charming and a little dreamy. They are made in a exciting way of collage technique with photography, watercolor and coloured pencils. The book has received its Swedish linguistic form of Erik Magntorn who was awarded the Lennart Hellsing Prize 2009 for his poetic texts for children."

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